a permanent state of delusional self contentment typical of a fucktard
by mr magoocantcu December 24, 2008
The name given to someone when they consistently and without compromise look down on others with contempt using a wry smile or grin oozing superiotity. This attitude is often preceded with a sense of self entitlement and/or a daddy complex. There is generally a bit of "me me me" about this person.

May also be refered to as Smuggsy Bouges (famous nba player)
Smuggsy *looks down upon others with grin*

Regular guy 1 "hey look at ol mate up there in the Audi club"

Regular guy 2 "smug, so smug"
by Smuggsy February 7, 2018
someone who thinks theyre way better than everyone else or anything really, very pleased with themselves, radio 1 DJ's who think theyre smart.
Lisa l'Anson, what more can i say?
by haha March 7, 2005
Someone who is self-important, slightly sassy, and generally very pleased with themselves.
That bat weevil was so smug.
by J Halpert. January 20, 2013
the abbreviation for 'smuggling watermelons', a dance created in spring 2010 by 2B but performed by knott as a whole. the dance corresponds with song progressions in datsik's magnum opus 'havoc'. the dance was so named due to similarities to smuggling watermelons from a grocery store. every sunday after mass, knott men converge in the second floor lounge to smug. it is an expression of brotherhood and true jugg life
guy 1: did you smug last night?
guy 2: yeah dude i love smugging
by flamshiz November 6, 2011
Adjective describing a person who is overly confident in themselves. Often this confidence is completely false and the person has no real reason to be so confident in themselves. Results in great annoyance with the smug's friends, and also commonly the smug affects them, as smug originates from the nose dimple area.
Ashvin think's he's sooo cool, but he's just smug.

The smugness emitting from his nose dimples creates clouds and storms of smug around him!
by smug4lyfe23 February 18, 2007
to be very happy with ones self when other are not
I shagged your wife in the ass- check out this smug grin
by G August 7, 2003