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To disappear for an extended period of time without notice.
Person 1: Where have you been for the past three months??
Person 2: I pulled an Ashvin lol!!
by Deva Singh Sodhi December 15, 2010
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Probably dead. He is very sexy; an Indian hottie!! Probably wears north face and programs.
Character 1: wow whos programming over there! he is so hot!
character 2: hot and programmer? must be an Ashvin !
by ihateeclipse May 05, 2018
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He is Sexy and Amazing and a God and he loves his friends and he is someone who lost his loved ones but Ashvin is a strong brave person to have around and he is a rich guy and quite bullies his friends for fun
By Ashvin
by FallenHeroPro May 23, 2018
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A caring person who likes calming and soothing thing(E.g music,art,to die)
Is also a person who tends to have Emo friend who love MCR
by Ahdgshsjsidhdvddh December 19, 2017
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a synonym for the words "dirty"/"grimey"/"disgusting"/"hideous
"ew, who is that guy picking his ass?"
"I dunno, but he looks pretty ashvin to me"
by ghddrhjj September 05, 2007
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Ashvin is a type of person which who is awesome and he is pretty much rich but he says he is luck but a person starts with E says if you are lucky you shouldn’t have friends like us but a person like him is special he is talented and strong and beat people in a arm wrestle and embarrassing them the worst things about Ashvin is he has Worst Puns of life but at least he is more than awesome ............. he got rejected though.............
by TheFutureLord August 28, 2018
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