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He is among the first liars to peddle the British Bankers Association propaganda that, "we {all} borrowed too much".

You are either moronic or dishonest if you declare individual borrowers are responsible for the total amount lent to all borrowers. You are either moronic or dishonest if you declare banks aren't.
Peston isn't a moron, therefore he is a liar.

To deduce Peston is a banker's shill it is enough to hear him describe the £14bn misselling of PPI over a decade by virtually all the banks as 'sincerely following the rules'. No honest intelligence worthy of that description could use sincere of the banks in this context. Ergo he is a deceitful, lying, corrupt, banker's shill.
You need more? OK.
The energy firm SSE were guilty of identical misselling of domestic power, to the tune of about £5 million. Peston deduced dishonesty, he said - "the statistics suggest there was something pretty rotten at the core of the industry", BBC News, 5 April 2013.

One misselling of £14bn (possibly £24bn) over a decade is 'sincerely following the rules', and another identical fraud worth £5 million 'shows a rotten core'.

The difference in describing these two tales of identical misselling is simply too different to be both explained and innocent.
Are you deducing what I'm deducing?

Any honest intelligence reviewing the facts is forced to conclude that Robert Peston is corrupt and, applying Occam's razor, that he is in the pockets of the BBA. Ergo - Banker's Shill.
by Harry Alffa June 17, 2013
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