Barely Believable Content.
Wanna watch some BBC?
No, I don't watch fake things.
by flip_master_harambe May 4, 2021
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I have some bbc I cant wait to eat it this corn taste so good.
by thebbclover November 7, 2020
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Means Big Bri'ish Channel
ma favinnit Bri'ish Chanal on ta telly
Bri'ish Person 1: BRUV BBC IS ONIT!
Bri'ish Person 1: *Seziure sounds*
by KingVerneus February 28, 2021
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British Broadcasting Corporation. A non-profit making, publically funded TV corporation in the UK. Is run according to public service guidelines. Known for its quality sports, documentary and news coverage. Considered by many to be overly liberal and have a pro-Arab, anti-US/Israel slant in its news reporting.
Apart from the lousy BBC World, the BBC is the world's foremost broadcaster of quality TV/Radio.
by Travelled June 1, 2004
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Called Belgrade Broadcastion Corporation due to impartial coverage of NATO offensive in ex-Yugoslavia. They're really, REALLY serious about the 'impartial' part.
"Switch to BBC, the peeps on CNN have started crying again"
by bllah January 9, 2004
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