Slotties is the combination of slamming and hotties. Slotties usaully refers to girls who are extremely hot and consided to have a rating between 9 and 10.
"Hey man, theres too many sluts around here and not enough slotties."

"Omg!! have you seen the slotties round there? thay are all gagging for it."
by Conversant May 09, 2010
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Name given to only the absolute filthiest and most elusive member of the Ogre race. Inspiring and beautiful in his filthy grace, Slotty has been well documented as an advocate of the "Brain Cell Liberation" and "Sesh" movements, in and around his private swampland, also referred to as the "Construction". The crunt 's own local set of myths also claims that stating the term "Hiya, hiya, you fucking rat", three times at precisely 3:33am will summon him to cast you into a pit of eternal decrepicy.
Slotty- "You fucking runt."
by decrepitron April 18, 2018
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see also: homewrecker, hoe!, slut, skank,prostitue and general whore
shes so slotty
by pops June 11, 2004
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A slang word for an amusement arcade or collection of slot-machines or coin operated games.
As used in the BBC TV series That Mitchell and Webb Look, featuring the character Sir Digby Chicken-Ceasar who regularly shouts to his sidekick Ginger the immortal words "to the slotties!"
by bigdeggsy August 15, 2010
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