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When a woman is desperate for sex, she is gagging for it
D-Mac: Fabs, how did your date go last night? She was gagging for it.
Fabs: The ice-cream was good, but I didn't fuck her.
by D-Mac April 22, 2004
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Lindsey Graham is a consummate Trump Fluffer.
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When you havn't had any, in several days/weeks/months/years (god fobid!) your sexual desire builds up, and you find it hard to resist temptation. The only way to release this pressure is to have sex/jack off. It cannot be suppressed by porn/petting/pillow talk. It just makes it worse!
My partner's in a full body cast. Since then I have been gagging for It. I'm going to the bathroom. Be back in 10
by rikki.t.bridge November 16, 2005
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Military drill sargents, while they are screaming at new recruits, sometimes, when a recruit is slow to respond use the phrase "I AM Gagging for it" soldier

Law School Teachers may also the lingerng version when waiting for a student to answer or comment.......gagging....or gagging for indicate they cant wait for the students reply
Drill Sergant- Privite Dillweed, I AM GAGGING FOR IT!!!!!!!

Doctor Legal Instructor dude- Please Mr Soanso- I am gagging for it

a few mins later - nods - gagging
by vineset55 January 04, 2010
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1.when a person is so wrong about somthing, out of balance or out of touch with the whole world
that person can said to be "gagging for it"

2.when a person is so excited, so eagarly awaiting something, that they may go insane at any
moment, sometimes they will use the phrase "gagging for it" in stand alone fashion

3.a description of a person who is just plain undesirable, just about anytime anywhere.

4.the very quiet and seductive, softy.....when someone offers something to another.....mainly
as an affection to the other.....the response"gagging for it" may be used and although "wretching for it" is not used,
in conjunction with, could be added, if the speaker had a very very light touch...

5.and almost exclusivly in England....after a long day at the office or work....the very idea
of a cocktail after arriving at home..."gagging for it" is proper slang

6. really "gagging for it" can be used anytime an alternate or better adjective can not be accessed easily"
1.ex: oh that person is wrong, no he is dead wrong, no he is "gagging for it"

2.ex: "gagging for it"

3.ex: "oh, here comes that "gagging for it" bastard, omg"

4.ex:question: well, would you like to read this book of poems? answer: (very softly) "gagging for it"

5.ex: Hi Honey, how was your day at work, like a martini? " answer: "Gagging for it"

6. ex (like lost at the grocery store) "oh, where is that "gagging for it" peanut butter isle"
by darkwind31 January 09, 2010
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A person is said to be -going "gagging for it" as a way to express complete helplessness or an utter inablility to cope.
ex: "oh gawd if she says no ill just go gagging for it"
by coffee snob January 14, 2010
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1. When dolphins speak to each other underwater they are speaking in dolphin language unofficially called "gagging for it"

2. Any defininition of "gagging for it" can be expressed in the reverse adding "not"... as in... "not gagging for it"
1. ex: dolphin A- ga ga ga in gg dolphin B- ga ing igg ain

2. ex: a ships captain on the stormy seas might say: "there's a tidal wave 3 miles away, im not gagging for it"
by vineset55 January 16, 2010
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