To degrade or get worse. Coming from the idea that when you are sloping you are going downhill.
The peanut sauce they got there has really been sloping for awhile.
by Captain Bumbo November 7, 2010
The act of a girl going down on a guy and teasing him with her lips and tongue working down his body before she gives him head.
She is sloping her way down his body with her tongue and lips until she reaches her prime destination.

Dude she is awesome at sloping, I got some last night.

Sara: "Make sure that after you go slopping, you wrap your tongue around him well."
by Jaxa February 10, 2014
To Ski or Snowboard down a snow covered hill or mountain.
Do you want to go sloping tomorrow?
by J-Mac314 January 4, 2009
A derogatory term/slur used for the purpose of describing a Vietnamese/Asian person. Describing the slope of their eyes
Gran Torino: "Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing with my car you yellow gook slope?"
by ronious October 13, 2009
Vietnam-era charlie. Any asian resembeling one of the 'reds'.
There are so many slopes at the library!
by Anonymous February 20, 2003
derogatory term used in reference towards people of asian ethnicity.
What are all you slopes looking at anyway?
by Cameron Bradley Hughes April 30, 2010
Another word for a Eastern Asia born people.
Theres a slope at my school, and he likes math!
by AhOy1337 October 30, 2003