A welsh term for when you knock someone out so hard they either start to foam out the mouth or start to have a seizure or both
Did you here Mattew just slonked Jamie he is literally in the hospital recovering
by Fat slobby gremmy January 2, 2019
Used by Gang weeders as an alternative term for smoking marijuana.
"just slonked some Gang weed epic style..now time to rise up,"
by hgfjmhtf September 18, 2018
Guzzling raw eggs in large quantities
"I will slonk 36 eggs and gain 50 pounds"
by TheoCurrance January 21, 2022
The present tense of slonk, used by gang weeders as shorthand for smoking weed.
Yah bro I spent all night slonking gang weed. Gang weeders rise up.
by GangWeederDom December 19, 2018
Repeated thick, slimy, wet slaps.
Justin Trudeau: You ever crank so hard your dick be slonkin on the ground?
Ryan: My dick only slonks when I be crunkin, not crankin, Justin
Justin Trudeau: Well when you crunk, give it a good o’l slonk for me
Ryan: Word
by donkeydicks974 November 27, 2022
The act of smoking the popular plant known as marijuana in a heavy and aggressive way.
Gamer 1: Yo dog wanna slonk some gang weed?
Gamer 2: Hell ya lets get shmacked.
by ultimatecoconut November 8, 2019
Sitting doing nothing (or perhaps reading or watching the TV), probably in a warm room in the afternoon or evening.
"Let's go out"
"I'd sooner just slonk tonight"
by Nemus2 May 10, 2009