Raw eggs are the evil of the universe. For years they have cursed farm workers with their inconsistent lack of piddle. However, there is good news in this unforseen pile of gravel. One might think that placing the raw eggs gently into the trash might help.
Raw Eggs chat:
Raw Egg Jimmy: Hey Raw Egg James, how are you buddy?
Raw Egg James: Shut TEH F*()k up! yo! lol
by Mister Sambert August 12, 2006
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vaginal discharge, love slime, cooch slobber, twat snot
Wow, you're ready alright. There's like three raw egg whites here.
by Samuel Continuum July 19, 2017
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When you try and eat a raw egg. Either straight from the shell or a cup.
Dave: "Did you watch the video Jodi put up of the raw egg challenge?"
Emily: "No, not yet, seems so gross. I'll watch it on youtube tonight!"
by A Fellow challenger November 21, 2012
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The almighty question of asking for the action of the devouring of a raw egg.
Wanna go down 8 vic later??
nah what would you do if i said would u rather eat a raw egg?
by Leo mclenan November 19, 2022
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