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1) Nickname given to Bill Clinton, the 42nd President, for allegedly being cunning and deceptive.

2a) A cigar that is being inserted or has been inserted into a vagina.

2b) Act of sticking a cigar into a vagina.
1) Republican: Slick Willie has destroyed the American economy and has deceived everybody into thinking otherwise.

2a) "Oh, you like that? You like the Slick Willie more than my finger?"

2b) "I don't smoke them as much as I give Slick Willies."
by AbnormalBoy April 19, 2004
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Canned peach or canned sliced peach. Half as thick, twice as slick.
I prefer a Dole Slick Willie to a Great Value Slick Willie but to each his own
by Trikki Nikki October 06, 2016
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It is the name for the slickest kid that ever went to Briar Woods High School he was one of the funniest coolest and is the best person in the entire world everyone knows him that was a senior class of 2017 all the way to the class of 2020 all life him as Slick but most people don’t know his real name Will he is a legend from Briar Woods and will be remembered forever at briar
Yo have you met this beast slick? Slick who? Slickwillie the beast that went to
by Moneyman1298 June 09, 2018
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