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an idiot who can't spell dyke.
Half the previous contributors on this subject are stupid "dikes".
by Alianne September 13, 2003

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Source of unbelievable pleasure in a woman. Looks like a tiny pink Smartie.
Mmmm... very lickable...
by Alianne September 07, 2003

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a species of tree
oh yes it is... look it up in a dictionary.
by Alianne September 13, 2003

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A favourite activity of the moronic majority, this involves being shunted like cattle into a converted warehouse... sadly not to be slaughtered, but to wear ridiculous trendy clothes, listen to crap eardrum-shattering music, try to pick up brainless members of the opposite sex, and generally stand around aimlessly in a desperate but pointless attempt to show how cool you are.
Wanna go clubbing tonight?
by Alianne August 30, 2003

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"Rhythm and blues" - upbeat, funky music that started in the 60s with the Motown era. Has really gone downhill since then.
Ashanti, Destiny's Child... where has the LIFE gone?
by Alianne September 13, 2003

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A "Beyonce" is a sanctimonious (usually female) singer who obsesses about her Christian pride and "integrity", thanks God for giving her "the precious gift of talent", and irritates the hell out of all sane people.
I would join the church gospel choir but it's full of fucking Beyonces.
by Alianne September 20, 2003

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In Britain, willy means penis. Which makes calling Bill Clinton a "slick willy" even more appropriate...
by Alianne September 09, 2003

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