Nickname for U.S. President Bill Clinton
earned for his ability to equivocate with words, make deals, and commit acts
which led to controversy, eventual impeachment proceedings against him.
That slick willy sure could talk his way
out of a mess.
by T.D. January 20, 2003
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In Britain, willy means penis. Which makes calling Bill Clinton a "slick willy" even more appropriate...
by Alianne September 9, 2003
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a sexual act which takes place in an office setting, the female inserts a cigar tube in her vagina while the male masturbates.
good ole' bill inserted his cubano into monica's snatch, screaming her name repeatedly, as yasser arafat innocently sat in the rose garden. bill just couldnt resist receiving a slick willy.
by mawnica February 14, 2013
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The nickname for the president who ran the 8 years of peace, economic prosperity, and environmental protections sandwiched between 12 years and counting of war, wastefulness, and economic slump.
The worst thing conservative republicans can think of about Clinton is that he had sex
by widestep June 8, 2004
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1) Nickname given to Bill Clinton, the 42nd President, for allegedly being cunning and deceptive.

2a) A cigar that is being inserted or has been inserted into a vagina.

2b) Act of sticking a cigar into a vagina.
1) Republican: Slick Willie has destroyed the American economy and has deceived everybody into thinking otherwise.

2a) "Oh, you like that? You like the Slick Willie more than my finger?"

2b) "I don't smoke them as much as I give Slick Willies."
by AbnormalBoy April 20, 2004
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Ace Jack Poker Hand....
When you get dealt an ACE Jack as your hand, this is called slick willy
by D. Liles March 20, 2007
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