this word means to to something and do it well.
by SAVAGE-BRANNESHIA February 15, 2017
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To kick ass, or to dominate.
Person 1: She looks awesome today.
Person 2: Yeah she does, slay girl. Slay.
by ComfortNugget September 16, 2014
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Slay as in she killed it.

Slayed it.

Instead of killed it, slayed it.
Lexi Slayed her ootd. Or you slayed that dance.
by Don't get hurt boo boo April 20, 2016
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something you tell someone when they look sexy as f***
Yass boo slay
by reddit/ducci July 20, 2014
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a word people use when someone is hot and smexy
by Angie2003 May 2, 2018
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a word used when you dominate or do really well on something. also used when you defeat an opponent.
-Dude, I slayed that history test!

-How'd you do in that Madden game against Gavin?
--I totally slayed him, it wasn't even close.

by chicken man1212 September 8, 2007
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The act of doing something of great skill... excludes anything in relation to shuffleboard, steel drum, golf... etc. In many ways, it is among the lines of the term "swag".
What are you gonna do if you don't make it big? Are you going To Slay the Heroin Pipe?
by waffle267 January 24, 2012
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