It's like when u lookin hella good and you can pull anything off to make it look good
Dyum girl slay
by whoisthismiss December 21, 2015
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slay, or like- you did something rlly good or whatever. idk how to explain.
did you hear am by arctic monkeys?
yeah, they totally slayed.
by the wallhoe March 27, 2022
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To kill every bitch in the game. To just be perfect and destroy the bitches that think other wise.
by nevergonnastop March 24, 2015
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v. A complimentary derivative of "kill it". To accomplish something extremely impressive.
1. "Justin Bieber's new album slays."
2. *text GF: "got my hair done" *sends pic

BF: "Slay!"
by HumbLegend June 2, 2017
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kendalle be slayyyyin when she buck
by mario silento November 22, 2017
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