Dude, that new Nevermore album fucking slays!
by ThrashBastard January 30, 2003
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When a celebrity or public figure slays it means they are really talented and loved for their personality and great looks. If someone slays the charts, they are so talented that they will usually be seen in the top 10 a lot.
Damn, you like Katy Perry too?
Bitch, she slays.
by marina_donati13 April 23, 2015
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Slaying is the act of having sex with little to no emotional attachment. Slaying for the joy of slaying.
Also a male can hit the town with the intent of 'slaying bitches' which means he wants to smash up a stray and have no repercussions.
Natty B has an overdrawn moral bank account and is often found prowling the street looking for bitches who need 'slaying'
by The Pro-abortionist February 8, 2008
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How someone may respond when something outlandish or surprising is said.
"Omgah...that slays me!"
by MelissaDv June 24, 2005
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To destroy someone. Mainly cretins.


"Damn what a fucking cretin, SLAY HIM!"


"U fkn cunT i slAy u"
by Psych0ticDreams September 1, 2012
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To go out drinking and take home a sexual partner.
I'm going to slay Jed tonight, no matter what it takes.
by sailorcharlie June 28, 2012
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To dip; to use chewing tobacco, also used as a noun to mean dip. commonly used to discretely suggest to another that the two should go to dip in the bathroom. The phrase "Slay all dayyyyy" is used by non dippers to ridicule the dippers because at one time the phrase was quite common in the dipping community and taken seriously. The word is still in use although a few teachers and administrators in the area have discovered the meaning rendering the term un-usable in their presence.
Harrison: hey man lets go slay a grizzly in the bathroom

Riv Dog: Slay all dayyyyyy

Teacher: I know what that means.

Harrison: shit
by IslayGrizzly December 28, 2011
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