a gang sign u shouldn’t use because you could actually get killed for it. it became a trend on tiktok and you need to stop with it
“she needs to stop with the slatt, she will be killed by gangs lol
by gangbang420 October 18, 2019
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an adlib popularized by young thug, and other rappers. "slatt" stands for slime love all the time or slime life all the time.
"Slatt, slatt, slatt like YSL" -lil uzi vert
by mmmmmmnmokay August 1, 2019
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Hey Fred, that girl I like wouldn't go with me to the football game. Instead, she went out with her beatnik guy friends to an uptown bar and drank cosmopolitans. What a slatte.
by Bill of the Hill October 18, 2007
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Slime love all the time (gang love)
I loke your mom she shows me alot of SLATT
by Ykbot April 22, 2019
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*takes a photo with the broski*
Caption: I say SLATT
by chickenchange May 30, 2020
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a term used to let a fellow Fortniter that you are sexually attracted to James Charles
Alex: slatt slatt*+!*+!
Sniper: Same
by Evade Baljeet July 25, 2019
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slime love all the time..not GaNg its just to say someone is the homie
mikey is trash but he thinks hes the shit so he threw up slatt cuz his homie got fouled and he started acting like he was the shit. point is mikey williams is trash
by mikeywilliams.trash January 9, 2020
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