Well shiid I'm pretty sure it means "Showing.Love.All.The.Time"
Slatt, Bkacc in 8th grade Ian hkave a thkaaang bkabky
by jamessmhc November 2, 2018
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The sound when a large quantity of money makes when it hits a hard surface
All this money sounding like Slatt
by Rapped out Vinny February 23, 2018
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Yo slatt you seen the homie RJ hittin liCKs on the bloCK
by Slatt4L May 19, 2019
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Whore, who do sex for pleasure. She's not dirty whore from the road. She's just pretty girl which wants sex for pleasure with good boy(s).
She's my slatt
by STEFANISHIN December 14, 2021
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pov: a white girls filming a tiktok of all her friends doing slatt gang signs
by shrekka October 13, 2019
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slatt, or slime love all the time, is a word that has become incredibly popular amongst mid-teen aged girls. Please keep in mind that it represents an Atlanta-based group YSL(Young Stoner Records), which is a record label and gang ran by Young Thug.
Tiktok Girls:👃👈👎 slatt!!
YSL Members: 🔫🔫🔫
by mxlxolm October 29, 2019
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A term most commonly used by members of Young Thug’s Label YSL (Young Stoner Life) that stands for “Slime Love All The Time”
Aye, get out your motherfuckin seat to this one, you know?
Slatt! Slatt! Slatt!
by vloneslatt November 23, 2018
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