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deep affection towards your significant other which is stronger than like, yet not as strong as love.
i'm in loke with you.
by this girl August 29, 2005
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still loked out, all my dogs from the past, dead or smoked out./ take them lokes off while you're inside you dummy
by gay 4 you April 07, 2003
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An emotion that is inbetween liking someone and loving someone. The word quite litteraly comes between the words like and love LOve liKE... LOKE.
I don't quite love you yet , but I more then just like you, so therefore I loke you.
by Liza Tolkin March 06, 2008
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The merging of the words Love, and Like.
Rebecca doesn't just Love James, she likes him too! Rebecca Lokes James. โ™ก
by Pixie Kat February 16, 2017
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