A word used by Atlanta gang Know as "YSL" (Young,Slime,Life) to show a form of love for each other Oficially meaning (Slime,Love,All,The,Time)
Now all my slimes scream "Slatt" if you feelin me ! (Used by: Rapper "Ysl Tunk"
by Urban Atlanta April 10, 2017
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Short for “slime love all the time“ often said when a person does a gang sign when they wipe they’re nose.
Person 1: wassup broski how ya been I ain’t seen ya in awhile.
Person 2: wassup slatt I been straight.
by The impasta October 21, 2020
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by Lil nikky March 24, 2021
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Slatt is what the G.O.A.T. (Young Thug) say.
"Slatt-slatt-slatt-slatt-slatt-slatt-slatt, slatt
Slatt-slatt-slatt-slatt-slatt-slatt-slatt, slatt
Slatt-slatt, slatt-slatt-slatt-slatt, slatt
Slatt-slatt-slatt-slatt-slatt-slatt-slatt, yeah" Audemar- Young Thug ft. Tracy T
by hellasneakerz October 2, 2018
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A Term Used and popularized By Young Thug which stands for "Slime Love All the time"
Slatt Slatt Lil Black Jean Jacket Got VLONE on it - Playboi Carti (Circa. 2018)
by Cornyahh January 5, 2022
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POV: your name is connor and your'e a carti, gunna, young thug, ynw melly, drake, nore, uzi, trippie redd, youngboy, roddy ricch, lil keed fan and you take your time to say this
sup dude ima go listen to carti SLATT!😫
by xdarkiex June 8, 2021
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