A Australian support class in TF2. Known for camping, which many COD players would despise for quickscoping. But in TF2 that won't get you very far because the best shots need to be charged
Sniper: G'day mates.
COD player: Come on you got to quickscope!
Sniper: NO!
by SNiperMaTes August 10, 2013
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An insanely hot girl, the kind that'll kill you with a quick look. A girl who's always slaying.
Check out this sniper, she's gunning me down!
by SteffanieSecret February 9, 2017
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The quiet person in a large group of people who is relevant and appreciated by most but stays in the background and doesn’t bring too much attention to himself. Usually in the background of most group photos or the one taking them.
He’s a sniper, seen but not heard
by Gyaminah October 19, 2019
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Someone in school or university who takes every opportunity to work excessively hard to put on the display of greatness. Can be in the context of academics, sports, video games, or just about anything else.
-John is such a sniper! He wrote a four page essay on the origins of algebra just to suck up to the calculus teacher!
-Oh my god I just got sniped by Jeff in basketball. He beat me 13-zip.
by stheballer September 5, 2015
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Noun, verb
Someone who is unnaturally adept at propelling small objects at smaller targets with great skill and accuracy, most often in sports, I.e. Soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and football, or with an actual sniper rifle. More general uses are those who can fling small pieces of debris at trashcans, teachers, peoples' heads, eyes, exposed cleavage, and balls with great accuracy and velocity, thus causing general mayhem and annoyance.

Common projectiles include: trash, balls, gum bands, pencils, pens, soccer balls, footballs, hockey pucks/balls, sticks, food(carrots), cards, cd's, bottle caps, etc. You get the point.

Common targets: head, face, eyes, junk, cleavage, goals, trashcans, teachers, etc. Anything that shows you have done skill.
Dude, did you see that shot?! He's a freakin' sniper!

Whoa, did you really get that in the trash from here? You're a sniper.

I totally just sniped him in the junk from here with that ball.
by Gaidin014 March 10, 2009
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A joint rolled so tight, after taking a hit you feel like you've been shot in the head.
"Dude, after smoking that sniper you rolled last night, I woke up in the bathtub."
by Denwarr September 5, 2016
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Upon climax of the missionary position the male removes his penis from the vagina and rests it on the "bush", aming for a nostril of choice to ejaculate into. It's a long shot, but it can be done.
I gave her the sniper and she didn't even see it coming.
by Victor Loera August 4, 2006
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