some nasty ass shit made of borax and glue that lame white girls play with and make. They also sell it
Me: "Brittaney, are you playing with slime? That shit nasty!"
Brittaney: "Yeah it's really fun, I also sell it!"
Me: "You lame bitch...."
by lil staggering August 31, 2017
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A DIY toy that teenagers make with glue and borax solution. It is all over Instagram for the ASMR community. They enjoy the stretching, aesthetics, "thwoking" sounds, crunch, and bubble popping. There are many textures including: basic, clear, fluffy, clay, butter, and crunchy.
A: Dude, did you see her slime?
B: Yeah, it was so satisfying!
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by Porknado February 26, 2017
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Street life intelligence money is everything. Started in Harlem,NY made popular by rapper Vado.
by J-Smooth585 June 24, 2011
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