During the game of 'beer-pong', skittling is the illegal act of deliberately attempting to knock opponents' cups over in order to win, rather than the more conventional and legal tactic of simply landing your ball in said opponents' cup.
e.g. Alexander is not good at beer-pong, his only tactic is skittling...what a chump!
by beerpongwizard May 23, 2011
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The act combining the candy "Skittles" with energy drink and obtaining a euphoric high.

A.K.A. "Tasting the Rainbow"
Guy 1: Hey have you heard about semore? He got some new stuff, its WAY better than Tropical. It's supposed to be bombing.
Guy 2: Chyea, i'm picking up 2 bags of it tomorrow, wanna do some skittling after school?
Guy 1: Fo' Shizzle, I can't wait to taste the Rainbow.
Guy 2:k i'll hit you up before i roll. Meeting place at 3?
Guy 1: For you, anything...And I mean, Anything. ;P
Guy 2: ...Oh gawd
by AceChinaDragon June 02, 2009
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The act of two men (usually both gay, and at least one uncircumcised) touching penis tips. The uncircumcised party then pushes his foreskin over the others penis head.
Those fags. I bet they love skittling each other.
by hockeymthrfckr February 04, 2009
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