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The opposite of a furry, animals dressing up as humans
Friend 1: I think my cat might be a skinnie!

Friend 2: Why do you think that?

Friend 1: I saw him dressing up as Bertram Winkle the other day!

Friend 2: He was most likely heading to the annual Skinnie convention.
by OneHappyPie January 31, 2020
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Used often in the business world, this incredibly versatile phrase can be literally translated as "fuck it."
The client changed the deadline to today? Well, it is what it is.
by A. Danish November 27, 2007
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An unsigned artist from Inkster, Michigan with crazy good lyrical skills. A soon to be legend in his own right.
Skinnie will make it and become legend. He is a New Legend as I speak.
by Star gold medal October 22, 2013
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defined as ruggedness and/or sexiness manifested in a single human body. see also bodacious.
he was so fly, he was actually skinnié
by thestral13 November 27, 2007
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