A phrase used to describe complete lack of interest in what another person is saying, considered rude or necessary, depending on the conversation.
Alternatively, this can be used as a defensive phrase, see examples, to attempt to save one's self from ridicule.
As a third option, it is also used as a peacemaking, forgiving phrase.
Josh: My grandfather passed away this morning.
Jake: So what?

Josh: Oh my god, I think my shoelace is coming undone!!!!111oneone!!!
Jake: ...so what?

Josh: You're an ass, man.
Jake: So what?

Josh: I'm sorry I called you an ass.
Jake: Forget about it, man. So what?
by SoManyGoodness February 23, 2010
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showing an air of indifference; nonchalant; devil-may-care.
Do not harbour a so-what attitude. Be serious.
by uttam maharjan July 11, 2011
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a phrase used by mentally retarded people, after every sentence they say.
"i had a little vodka, so what?"

"so i wasted billions of dollars sleeping through the space mission, so what?"

"another unsuccessful, so what?"

"i made a protein shake at 6 in the morning, so what?"
by MBul August 10, 2006
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A word Jaden always USED to say..
Bob "Your computer is gone"
Jaden "So What"
by B0bby Jefferson January 1, 2015
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phrase indicating you would like to begin to fight a person
person 1: yeah whatever; you talk mad shit
person 2: SO WHAT UP THEN !?
person 1: SO WHAT UPPPPP !
by krisskidddd September 10, 2009
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So what is a song made by loona
Only intellectuals will stream so what
Stan loona cowards ✨✨✨✨😳🌈
orbit: stream so what
idk: what?
orbit: I said stream so what
idk: *streams so what*
by LOONA dance queens May 24, 2020
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This is used to prevent the awkward moment when you have nothing else to say in a conversation. But this makes the conversation more awkward.
Guy: I watched source code yesterday.

Girl: Oh. How did you like the movie?

Guy: It was great.
Girl: Nice.
Guy: So.....what else?

by ljkjh May 15, 2011
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