Being filled with more penis than an anus or vagina can handle.
"Barry's dick is too big for you, you'll get skewered."
by TSistgebestinthebusiness February 4, 2014
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"Puts down mail flag on enemy's house"
by Fagnig March 3, 2017
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a douchebag that lives on the internet, most notably the Sharethebrutality forum (stb) - lives on validating himself by being a cunt and claiming to be some kind of metal guru and being an uber elite "metalhead" douchebag.
Oh look, Skewered is being a transparent cunt again .. Let's laugh at him.
by Shitiot July 12, 2013
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An extended move to the eiffel tower, both male parties, whose weiners are sufficiently inside the recipient female, proceed to stand up and suspend the woman by both mouth and vagina (via rear entry). Once Female is satisfactorily in mid-air via mouth/vag, the males proceed to spin her using her spine as the primary axis, about their penii.
"Yo Ted, this eiffel towering is awesome, let's pick her up and skewer her."
by HThomas July 5, 2006
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When you're giving road head, and the driver runs over a bump in the road, skewering you!
Skewering is the leading cause of throat cancer!
by TheMightyCarlton May 15, 2017
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A form of abdominal distension caused by an erect penis that is too big for a woman's vaginal cavity.
I was having sex with my girl last night and we happened to get in a position that gave her skewer belly.
by WillSchuester May 26, 2017
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Female dwarf or midget, Having sexual intercorse with a full size male
Shrimp on a skewer Speaks for itself!
by Mathew Colecliffe January 6, 2009
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