1. To have sex from behind (can be either vaginal or anal)

2. Ideal for stimulating the g-spot or prostate.
Dude 1: Jill and I usually do it missionary, but yesterday we decided to mix it up and did it doggy.
Dude 2: Hell yeah, it's all about the rear entry.
by jacky_boy September 15, 2009
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anal sex, up the bum, driving on the dirt track.
i've got a tatoo on my arse that says no rear entry, because im not gay.
by krackpipe December 13, 2003
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The ultimate deepthroat; when you fuck a girl in the ass and your dick comes out of her mouth.
Sarah: "Hey girl, how was your night with Tommy?"
Tonya: "Oh it was alright... until he wanted me to

rear-entry-deepthroat him"
by Misty Stroker October 3, 2010
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1. Also known by some as "doggy style" the rear entry position is fairly easy to assume. The woman gets either on her hands and knees or lays stomach first on the bed with her lover behind her. He is on his knees or sometimes his feet, and develops leverage by grasping on to her hips. Depending on preference the man's legs can be inside of the women's legs or outside of them. Couples may wish to have the woman's legs closer together because it creates more friction between the penis and vagina.
by Bud E Love May 16, 2003
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when u plant evidence on someone's computer to bust them for something or to sabotage them.
Friend 1:
Would you like revenge on your boss for making you work on xmas eve?

Friend 2:
Sure...what did you have in mind?

Friend 1:
Well...go on his laptop and do a little rear data entry...really stick it to him!

Friend 2:
Is that even legal?

Friend 1:
No probably not, so don't get caught!
by mde434 August 31, 2009
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