A body type in men or women that is big boned and large (curvy).
"What really turns me on when I meet a man is a tall masculine full-sized meal. Hands the size of toilet seat lids is a plus".
by Marie L November 5, 2018
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A large bong, grav, etc. Also describes something awesome that happened in a situation.
"Bro I'm pretty bored, wanna pull out the full size?"
by Fullsize Finnagler May 28, 2017
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A fat Twat where getting rejected by women has become a hobbie. It is said that in a certain place in England, when a full sized reject gets rejected, it is a tradition for the spectaters to sing,
" Hey fatty boom boom, can't get a Number!"
That boy over there has just got rejected, hes a full sized reject!
"Hey Fatty Boom boom, can't get a number!"
by pancake-lover March 11, 2010
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