Smegma that has maturity of at least 28 days, such that it reaches a visual and olfactory similarity to blue cheese
"Mate, it's been so long since I washed down there, I couldn't get the smell of skeb out of my nostrils" --Robert McTague

"Fam, that blue cheese smells like the skeb I picked out of my japseye last week"
by SkebBOL November 11, 2013
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A old skab ready to get pilled to a skeb.
β€œYou got a skab.”
β€œNo it’s a skeb it’s ready to get pilled.”
by IAndreMe November 19, 2018
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Disgusting huh? Or are you just upset to be beaten at your own twisted game?

Skeb knows your game, it is spelled in curses. I will break this curse forever! Polar Ice Shelf?? Really??
by Who's Q? March 02, 2019
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