a word/ saying used to represent that something will contain smut aka erotic literature or art (usually gay), Predominately used within the 'Joshler' fandom.
person 1: ok but picture fetus Tyler and Josh jesus christ
person 2: i love sin
by KillMeI'llPayYou October 19, 2016
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Sin can be defined as an act against a certain law. A synomym for sin is John.
Person 1 - Hey did you heard about that girl?
Person 2 - Yes, she's said to be the epitome of sin

Person 1 - *looks to camera* she's John Priyahaha

by kevakinjohovakeen July 26, 2018
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Like your mom's pussy, we've all done it at least once in our lives.
You should go and repent of your sins for only lord chungus can save you
by someone on the date of : April 17, 2019
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SIN actually stands for Sexy Irish Nerd. By definition all irish guys are sexy; however, only a elite few are actually sexy irish nerds.
I am in love with a SIN.

Dave is a SIN.
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the shortened form of the word assasin, commonly used in ragnarok online, maplestory, etc.
Warrior: damn man, check out that sin, he hell ksed that mage.
Archer: yer man, sins pawn every1!
by ghost faced killa July 06, 2006
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A guy that is very hot.
"Did you see the new hottie?"
"Yes he is a sin!"
by starpphire November 02, 2011
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