Adjective used to describe something of low quality or dubious taste. Can be used separately as a standalone epithet.
(upon seeing, for example, a person sporting an ill-rendering tattoo of the Playboy logo)

"Check that rascal tattoo."

"Rascal as fuck, mate."
by the internet's "mrak" January 07, 2012
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Definition of rascal: “ a person who accidently or by design produces much mirth and goes beyond common logic and society norm for the greater good often at the expense of looking like a tw*t but still remaining a hero”.
rascal look: girl called christmas walks into a club with tattoo moustache on finger, inked up and in tight orange jeans, with crazy hair. bona fide rascal.
by rascalise September 09, 2010
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Someone of dubious moral character, generally up to no good, not to be trusted around your sister.
Some of the things Luigi did this year are outrageous. Definitely the Biggest Rascal of 2021.
by Here Comes the Bus December 12, 2021
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Something that is bad!!!!!
"That is a rascal shirt that you've got on"
"That is a rascal hair style you've got!!"
by Dan Jarvis August 03, 2006
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In Eumbrodgia we refer to a person who is behaving in a dorky fashion as a rascal. Therefore, a rascal is a dork.
You are a rascal. (Said to a dork)
by Entropos the Rascal April 30, 2007
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