A misspelling of Hennessy, a Cognac liquor somewhat recently popularized by Tupac Shakur and several other performers. As listed in urbanDictionary, evidence of the mentality of many consumers of said liquor.
"LOL **** this hennesy crunk I poured got me royally ****ed up over here!!!"
"It's Hennessy, and Red Bull and Cognac don't mix, dip****."
"what the f*** your problem man? it all good"
"Not if you're making it out of my fridge."
by Alfred F. September 11, 2006
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extra smooth strong liquor,
ya'll busters need to get your hustle on
cuz gettin bent on the vsop is the pocket burnin sippin drink, don't drink the lower shelf shit your whole life
hennesy= bum drank
hennesy v.s.o.p.= ballers brew
by odiouscapone December 06, 2003
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A name that constantly gets made fun of with annoying and such "original" jokes from people that think they are hilarious and the first people to come up with that. Also a name that gets complimented before people realize its similarity to the liquor Hennessy
Your name is Hennesy? Was your mom drinking Hennessy when she was pregnant? Hahahaha I'm so hilarious!!
by annoyed.nes July 23, 2019
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The right name is Hennessey. Then it means the fifth of a galon or 750 ml of a liquor called Hennessey which is made in France ( cognac)

I can drink a whole Hennesy fifth, some call thata problem but I call it a gift
by Pato P March 23, 2007
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Hennesy Girl= a girl thats always talking about the drink might hold a bottle in thier hand all night, but rarely taking a drink of it.
man last night at the party maggie was being a real hennesy Girl.
by Tonyfinchfav September 25, 2007
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