A type of music sung from a male point of view, generally falling in the "easy listening" genre, whose subject matter focuses on one or more of the following themes: 1) How wonderful life is to have a certain current romantic partner (generally a woman), 2) How wonderful life was when one had a certain romantic partner (generally a woman), 3) How horrible life is now that one does not have a certain romantic partner (generally a woman), 4) How horrible life was UNTIL one found a certain romantic partner (generally a woman), or 5) How one will do anything it takes to keep a current romantic partner. Almost any song from the band "Air Supply" epitomizes this.
I know she dumped you, but listening to that simp rock is just going to make you feel worse! (OR) Hey! I know that you're excited about your new woman, but don't go singing that simp rock to her.
by DJ Dash September 02, 2020
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When a simp is flirting with a random girl on discord and she nopes the fuck out of the VC.
“Haha- hey Redacted Username aha I like girls who play guitar”
“Bro wtf-“
“Uhhhh dude.....ummm”
“Haha it’s fine man you kinda cute-“
*Discord left chat noise*
“Ha- seems we had a Simp runner amongst us-“
“Don’t worry man I would’ve left too”
*The sound of everyone in the voice chat laughing at his pitiful attempt as flirting with a girl he will probably never meet in his life echo and infiltrate this poor mans heart as he searches far and wide for the perfect waifu*
by That one dumb guitar bitch August 19, 2020
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a word that means simply but just in a indian and a much more sexy way .

And it has nothing to do with a simp
He scolds me simp-simply
by blockade23o6 August 16, 2021
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Paying a premium subscription for a an e-girl's nudes, discord, personal contact or shoutout, etc.
Guy 1: Why did you pay for a whole year of nudes?
Guy 2: Why not.

Guy 1: You know this why simp tax should exist.
by feins September 11, 2020
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Usually someone with a very small dick that thinks they’re slick by talking to more than one girl at once and telling every girl he talks to how hot he reckons they are but he’s really just a big phat pussy that doesn’t know how to treat girls or have a relationship so when he’s in one he usually makes really dumb excuses to get out of it because he’s a real frigit. Has a really UGLY laugh. And they’re only friend is probably gay and has a phat crush on them. He’s a SIMP and always choose hoes before bro’s, when he really has no hoes and everyone Just talks shit about him but he’ll never know because he’s a phat narcissist and is obsessed with himself. is an ugly mf that really needs a tan. also they will never get pussy so have fun dying a virgin with your one inch wonder .
“Layton/simp texted me last night, yuck
“Omg Layton/simp played me AGAIN”
“Layton/simp is such a simp”
by Bujjvgfhiikjugddyukk April 26, 2020
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You are a illumi simp yes you the one reading this ¬_¬
Yup your the illumi simp
by Hsjsis May 22, 2021
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guy who does something nice for a girl, hoping that it'll make the girl want to date him.
I’m simping for Ariana Grande.
by Mackenzielight May 27, 2020
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