Person of Irish decent. Politically active. Drinks and Bullshits. Rarely fights unless fighting the English. Amazing lovers.
That O'Leary kid sure hates the English.

The best lover I ever had went by the name O'Leary

O'Leary is drunk and bullshitting about politics again.
by George Scott March 3, 2005
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last name of somebody of irish originity
son of leary

o = son of

examples of the o'leary name ; dermot o'leary, david o'leary etc.
by little o'leary June 2, 2009
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The state of being incoherently drunk; near comatose.

Symptoms: general lethargy, slurred or inaudible speech, bodily trauma, unexplained fits of anger, the sudden urge to perform sexual intercourse upon unreasonably large women, getting into extremely life threatening situations (e.g. Falling onto the tracks of the Long Island Railroad), and sudden propensity for singing Irish tunes (Gaelic in the most extreme cases).
He was fucking O'learious when we convinced him to fight the monkey.
by DannyO December 1, 2005
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(adj./adv.) The state of drunkenness that makes people say "I didn't think it was possible to get that wasted." Only a veteran drinker can achieve a state of O'leariousity (O'leariousness is also an acceptable noun form.)
On St. Patrick's Day, Chris went to the bars at 9:00am. When he came back to the house for dinner he was O'learious and put his head through the wall when he tried to tackle Brian.
by Hooper P. December 5, 2005
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ther was a english man, o'leary and a scotish man.....
by Anonymous August 3, 2003
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Oi have you seen that bald headed twat o'leary from Salford 😂
by Mrunknown1 July 31, 2020
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Spitefully shitting in a foe or adversary's closet atop of their personal belongings.
That kid is a reeeeaaaall piece of shit, I'm about to pull an O'leary.
by RealPieceOfShit October 21, 2016
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