An adjective similar to cool referring to something that is either great or completely wrong.
1. Your awesome new skateboard is sick!
2. What you said to her was just plain sick.
by Pluta IceHaart February 18, 2005
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S.i.c.k: backwards spells Kc-is! a term used by those who doing crazy ass shit n don’t give a fuckπŸ’―
Dam his s.i.c.k af but Kc is tho
by k187c August 01, 2019
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1) Ill
2) Feeling nauseous/vomiting
3) Cool
4) Gross, Weird, Creepy.
1) Ugh, I don't know if I can go. I think I'm sick.
2) Oh god, I think I'm going to be sick!
3) Bro, that's totally sick!
4) Dude, the fuck is wrong with you? Are you sick?
by sirdefenition May 29, 2017
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Can have various meanings,
In the U.S. it is usually used when something is cool and exciting.
In the UK it is used more to describe something not so pleasant, if something is gruesome and disgusting then it's sick.
The act of vomiting, feeling ill.
It's sick that we get Monday off school.

2 girls 1 cup is sick!

I felt sick yesterday.
by I'mAnonymous February 16, 2008
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Said when you have no idea what others are talking about but feel the need to be a part of the conversation. May often lead to an Adeebify.
Ashkon: Hatam's is so gross.
Shawyun: Yeah I know!
Adeeb: Sick! (Adeeb does not know about Hatam's)
by Shashkon1 January 22, 2007
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