A sick dude is someone who has a hip style or an amazing attitude and demeanor. They are usually the person who is the center of attention and admired by many.
Hey sick dude; your shoes are bomb!
by AsanaMudra March 30, 2016
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sharik's description of any fine ass guy i.e.:the AzN pRiNzE
"Hey do you know Bon Bon?...He's HELLA SICK DUDE!"
by abarsquared March 15, 2003
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Usually a guy who is good at sports, drinking, partying, and pleasing the opposite gender. These guys are a special breed of guy that can only be found in the 951. There is a group of friends who coined themselves as THEE Sick Ass Dudes
person 1: "that guy is badass!"
person 2: "yeah, he's a sick ass dude"
person 1: "oh for reals? No wonder!"
by Cubeta November 1, 2007
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