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Just like the term "silly billy" except its longer to say and it does not rhyme. You can use this in most situations even if the person in question is right.
Dude 1: Is that a car
Dude 2: Nah dude its a tree stop being such dam retarded jeremiah!!!!

Dude1: Is that a tree?
Dude2: (even though it is a tree) Nah dude dont be such a dam retarded jeremiah!!!!
by Mooza September 01, 2005

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Something absolutely cool but to cool to say cool so you say Sick!!! Often Ahhh is put infront of sick.
Friend 1: Yo man a dead rabbit

Friend 2: Ahhhhhhh sick dude!!!
by Mooza August 07, 2005

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Much like a "silly billy" just it doesnt rhyme and it takes longer to say
Hey is that your car?

No man dont be such a damn retarted jeremiah
by Mooza August 07, 2005

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