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A mythical penis that from going flaccid to erect shrinks rather than grow, apparently due to retracting into the body, possibly from shame or fear.
I was excited, his dick looked pretty big flaccid... but then it turned out he was a shrinker.
by MasterVidallis June 21, 2016
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A guy that seems awfully attractive at first, but who's attractiveness seems to dwindle the better you know him. Basically someone who grows downwards in desirability. Disappointing, really disappointing. It's not even like funny anymore!
Jem, tell me about last weekend with coffee guy...
Turns out he doesn't even like Lany!
So, he was fit wasn't he?
No he's a shrinker...
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by love from the convent February 01, 2019
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An individual that has aged to the point that they are no longer growing, but in fact shrinking.
My 90 year old neighbor is a shrinker. My parents are shrinkers.
by Cyanna February 03, 2010
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