An amazing girl. leaves you speechless. Makes you smile everytime you talk to her. An out-going person with a great sense of humor. Words cannot describe her :)
When Shreeya Srinivasan skypes with me, its the happiest day of my life.
by k shah May 12, 2011
A very artsy and aesthetic person. She is very intelligent and works hard at everything she does and never gives up. She is a great friend, she will have your back and always be there. She isn't confrontational and is very easy to have a good laugh with. If you have a Sai Shreeya in your life, you are very lucky and should never let them go. Everyone needs a Sai Shreeya in their life.
Sai Shreeya you're Kpop journal is so aesthetic.
by Speckett2187 February 4, 2021
The nicest person I have ever met. She does not have a mean bone in her body and will always support you.

Shreeya is also very funny - people are always laughing when she is around. She is so smart as well, basically the whole package. Everyone loves shreeya.
(she isn't a troll btw)
Someone: Why is everyone so sad today
Me: because Shreeya isn't here
Someone else: That makes sense, when is she coming back we miss her
Everyone: cries because things are sad without shreeya
by HornyGingerLookingForTallMan August 22, 2022
A old granny with a receding hairline.She's very ugly if you ever meet one run the next way.She is also a goat and likes to eat grass.
by Goatman Shreeya 102 January 31, 2022
A very wild ramgoat if you're not careful she going to get you. She is very smelly and like to bathe in drains. If you see her run the next way.So what did we learn - not to be a Shreeya.
That goat is such a Shreeya.
by Goatman Shreeya 102 January 31, 2022
A gorgeous girl who will steal ur breath every time u see her. She is very smart and she is very kind.

She puts up a front sometimes to be more professional, but under all of that she is a bold girl in the cutest way possible.
Hi shreeya!! You look good today 😉
by Kafkanblues March 26, 2022
A Shreeya is someone is very intelligent and kind. They are also EXTREMELY clumsy. They can also be be very quiet and have a high pitched voice. They are also great at keeping secrets. If you mess with them, your screwed...
She is such a Shreeya
by GiVe Me An UnUsEd nAmE!!!🙃 November 7, 2020