2 definitions by HornyGingerLookingForTallMan

The nicest person I have ever met. She does not have a mean bone in her body and will always support you.

Shreeya is also very funny - people are always laughing when she is around. She is so smart as well, basically the whole package. Everyone loves shreeya.
(she isn't a troll btw)
Someone: Why is everyone so sad today
Me: because Shreeya isn't here
Someone else: That makes sense, when is she coming back we miss her
Everyone: cries because things are sad without shreeya
by HornyGingerLookingForTallMan August 22, 2022
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Bolshevik prick whos madly in love with Gabe (not goodchild a different one)
Very ginger and sorta a fucking pain
No sense of humour and very fecken stressy
Wont stop giving me the fuck me eyes
Sorta selfish and mean and lacks self awareness and agressivly introverted and violent
Charlotte A. (not allington its a different one): I will break your other collarbone
Gabe (not goodchild a different one): Wtfc
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