Kpop is Korean pop. It is very contagious. The idols are absolute crackheads that can sing, dance, and rap. They are very pleasing to the eye. But don't be fooled. They're just 5 year olds in disguise. Welcome to the club.
Kpop is not Chinese, Mom.
by Kpopisdangerous August 17, 2019
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Korean Music which makes you realise you’re gay.
“I like Kpop, loona and nct are my ults.”
by Healing Smile January 1, 2019
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If u get into it I’m warning you..... you might question your sexuality after listening to kpop and looking at all the kpop idols. (Also the real definition is Korean music)
Hey wow this kpop song is actually good!!

(After a month of being a fan): I think I’m gay?!?!
by LOONAtheGaYs July 13, 2019
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Kpop or K-pop is a short term for korean pop (popular) music. With the internet and all the new technology, a lot of countries began to know (and sometimes fall for) kpop. The korean pop artists usually have music videos (or M/Vs) with great choreography and overproduced songs, which sound incredibly dancing.
Kpop artists also have fan bases, some bigger than others, and do fan meeting, shows, concerts and might have variety programs of their own.

1 - When you first listen to kpop, you can fall into it really deep, or you can hate it (really deep, too). Sometimes you can ignore it, but usually people do one or another.

2 - Kpoppers, fans of kpop, are over dramatic sometimes and will be protective over their favorite ones. They won't go down without a fight.
"I went to a 2NE1's show last week. Best. Experience. Of. My. Life."
"I don't really listen to kpop, it's too extreme for me."
"OMO! Look at Jimin, he's so hot!"
"Ugh, I hate Taeyeon..."
by figure-my-heart-out June 11, 2015
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It can also be known as ‘Korean Pop’, it’s pretty much korean music even though people from all around the world like it, I mean it is really catchy
Abbey: Hey, who’s your favourite kpop groups?
Minnie: I like BTS and Red velvet
by Fuzzydefinitions October 17, 2020
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A very very very dark hole that you’ll never be able to escape from , it’s short for korean pop and is filled with really good-looking singers, rappers and dancers that aren’t only korean (most of them are though)

Some famous kpop groups are:
Snsd (girls generation)
Wanna one

And more

There are also solo artists and a pretty famous one would be IU , Jay Park or HyunA and a very known one would by Psy (the one that sang gangnam style)
“Yeah i don’t remember my life before kpop.”
by Suga stan June 13, 2018
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K-POP means Korean Pop (Music). It consists of many genres like Pop, R&B, Rock, Hip Hop etc. Kpop consists of mostly groups/bands than soloists.

Kpop fans are called as Kpoppers.
1. Damn, I love Kpop SO MUCH!
2. Are you a kpop fan?
by BTS_Lover07 November 2, 2019
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