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Shreeya is a variant form of the name Shriya, which is a feminine name of Sanskrit origin. it is said to mean ‘Lucky One’. The name is mainly used by Hindu parents as it is found in the Hindu religion as an alternative name for Lakshmi, the goddess of material and spiritual wealth.
U cannot use this in a sentence it is a name that Hindu Parents use to name their daughters. for example, hello shreeya or we could say hello lucky one.
by the luck 1 April 03, 2016
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Shreeya is a very intelligent person. She's quite at first but once you get to know her she can get on your nerves but in a good way. She was be very clumsy sometimes. When a Shreeya falls in love, she falls very deeply and if you ever do her wrong you'll regret it. She's a great friend too, she will have your back on anything and she'll always be there for you. Everybody needs thereseleves a Shreeya.
I miss Shreeya so much, I want her back.

Shreeya was one of a kind
by Skyler~Definitions April 13, 2017
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A very intelligent and funny person not very clumsy but ussaly a Shreeya would have a bunch of clumsy friends a Shreeya is a great person that keeps her stupid friend from running info a door of so thing but sometimes Shreeya can get off gaured and be very clumsy
A person to give her friends joy and happiness but also keeping them from being complete idiots like if a group of friend were fighting and were always in trouble they would need a Shreeya
by Bobby joe bully January 26, 2016
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(Adj) Sanskrit for any profain word you may use to call someone. A shreeya can be someone who is smelly, dumb, or just an out right piece of shit.
1.Ted never takes showers, Ted's a Shreeya.

2. Wow you shit your pants? What a shreeyahead.
3. I decided i was gonna be a shreeya so i left a huge shreeya in your toilet last night.
by Skanktank69 November 16, 2016
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