A synonym for a meathead body builder. All lifting and no endurance/speed is what a shrank specializes in.
Shrank thought he was fast but got beat in a foot race by Kyle
by Dr Wellington August 25, 2019
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1. Used to describe something shitty; bunk
2. something or someone that is uncool, lame, disgusting or gross
3. Skanky or slutty

That girl's outfit is so shrank!

"How was the party?"

This cheese and bean casserole is hella shrank!
by Camille B December 10, 2007
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Getting insanely high off your rocker. Or being high as F#ck
Yo wanna come over to my house and get Shraank.

We gettin Shrank up in here.
by Jazy and Marsh February 3, 2014
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When your favorite pants shrink in the dryer and you still want to wear them so consequentially your balls hurt the next day from wearing them.
:"Man why you walkin' so funny?"
::"Yo man I got some major shrank going on right now."
by The_Defineanator July 26, 2014
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A step below bitch.A slut but not totally a slut.
Thomas is a big fat shrank.

your mother is a milf shrank.

Why do you have to shrank it up all the time.
by Jessi Alva June 22, 2005
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The act of a fecal deposit matched with a simultaneous masturbatory act.
by Shranks69 October 13, 2017
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A Queef that contains particles of skunk juice with bloated frogs in it.
OMG did you just shrank doo on my kitten?
by Onfono May 31, 2007
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