the word that people use in chat when their speech is getting blocked.
OMFG. This damn text blocker is so annoying i just want to kick the f*ck out of it.
by urmom675467548 April 22, 2010
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It means fuck, used in chatboxes where "fuck" is censored.
<|\/|@$+@>Fuck you d00d
Chanserv: OMG ur banz0rd
by Navigon June 27, 2003
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When star replaced by a U, the worst word ever.
To have sex.
Relating to sex.
AS F*CK: really high degree of something.
F*CKING: Same as AS F*CK.
F*CK YOU: Said as a curse to someone.
F*CKER: Used as an offensive name to call someone.
What one says when he/she is astonished.
Michael: F*ck is the worst word ever!
Joanna: Then f*ck me!
Jake: How was your f*ck?
Michael: It was f*cking good as f*ck!
Jake: F*ck you, f*cker.
by URB4N D1C710N4RY March 31, 2021
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F*cks are how much you care about something. If you care so much about getting a nice car, then you give 1000 f*cks about it. If you don't care about getting a fancy car, no f*cks are given.
Sam: How many f*cks do you give about getting a mansion?
Jake: 87000.
Michael: 0.
Sam and Jake: NO F*CKS GIVEN??!!
by URB4N D1C710N4RY April 20, 2021
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a fuck buddy is a friend that u have sex with, NO STRINGS ATTACHED
"im so horny"
"me 2. hey, wanna b my f*ck buddy?"
"wouldnt that b a bit weird?"
"nah its just sex"
by Sharacaroline May 1, 2007
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term for somewhere very far (tri-state area)
aka "butt f*ck egypt" southeast US
aka "bu-fu" northern mid-west i.e. Chicago
"yeah, i have a 2 hour drive to pick this chick up, she lives in bumblefuck"
by cai November 13, 2003
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1)A puddle of fluid created during the act of sex.
2)A very loose and wet woman.
3)A deep puddle of water at a street crossing.
4)A messy situation
1) There was no wet spot, it was a F*ck Puddle.
2) That girl was nothing but a F*ck Puddle
3) A taxi totally splashed me with a F*ck Puddle
4) we used to have something going, now it's turned into a total F*ck Puddle
by Andy Pants March 8, 2007
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