When a guy tries to turn a hand job into a blow job but fails, when a guy fails to turn second base into third base
John wants Sarah to play shortstop instead of second base.
by Gavin Newsome 6969420420 December 27, 2021
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When inserting an object into the male penis
Using a coffee straw or paper clip in shortstop
by the wooster March 31, 2011
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It refers to people who make and/or take stupid risks. This slang term is greatly used on the East Coast.
Don't worry shortstop we on our way.
---METHOD MAN (from the movie, Belly)

This is referring to T-Boz pulling a gun on Method Man. Then all of a sudden his boys pulled all they guns on her.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant May 31, 2005
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To use salt, pepper or condiment yourself before passing it to the person who requested it, typically done to exert dominance over requestor.
Man, every time I ask Mark to pass the salt, he fucking shortstops it and uses it first, whether he needs it or not.
by Mark Scott 69 April 21, 2008
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1. A fool, a coward or an easily deceived person.

2. To suddenly stop someone from moving or carrying on with what they are doing.

3. A short person.
Dont shortstop me cause you don't wanna see me succeed.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant January 5, 2009
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a weapon from team fortress 2 for the scout class it is a side grade to the stock scattergun
scout1: i use the shortstop cause i think its better than stock
the majority of the scout main comunity: NOOOOOOOO STOCK IS BEST AAAAAAAAA
by sniper nate October 21, 2020
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having anal
yo, did you get to home base with girls name last night?

naw, i got to shortstop.
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