A shotgun, typically two barrels side by side.
He was shot with a scattergun.
by Guy March 26, 2005
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the stock weapon for the scout class in team fortress 2 its also considered the best choice by the majority of the scout main comunity
person1: That scout has a strange scattergun with alot of kills
person2: thats cause hes a scunt
by sniper nate October 21, 2020
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A shotgun, as spoken by a true Texan.

Also used in place of shotgun, in reserving the front passenger seat of a vehicle.
Scott: I would go hunting with my scattergun.
Everyone else: What in the hell is a scattergun?

Me: Scattergun!
Judd: aw hex naw dewd i culled it frst.
by C-wood November 17, 2005
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A catchy synonym for "shotgun noob" a scattergun scrub is a player in any game featuring shotguns, that prefers the use of shotguns over precision weapons; especially due to lack of skill or adaptability.

I created the term specifically to address certain members of the Gears of War franchise.
"That kid keeps peppering every inch of the map with his shotgun, he's just another scattergun scrub.
by Azaduur October 28, 2016
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