The boys got in a bit of a tizzy at a local pub and some wanker called a bobby (the bobbies).
by Nina Iris January 19, 2006
1) A freshman who loves pirates
2) One who loves ska music.
3) A birthday cake.
4) A hardcore rappa with 'dem guns.
5) Slang for a Nintendo Game Boy Advance
1) "Look...Bobby brought his peg-leg and parrot to school...again."
2) "Look at that Bobby skank! w00t!"
3) "This is some fine Bobby, Mr. Worthington!"
4) "Bobbeh! Bobbeh! I want dem guns, cracka!"
5) "Damn, my Bobby ran out of batteries again!"
by Crazy Chris May 8, 2005
Phillanthopist and a fantasist. An individualist and a free soul. A genuine mother figure and loyal friend till the end. There is nothing she wont do for those close to her. A hopeless romantic in search of a worthy yet equal soul mate.
When she falls in love she is often blinded to the obvious. But beware the flip side, once you have wronged her, she will forgive you but never forgets.
Often overlooked as a wall flower... Bobbi takes in everything which makes her a very powerfull personality.
Loved by many, hated by some, liked by plenty But confonted by none.
"I just spent my last $10 on food for that homeless kid."
FRIEND... "thats such a bobbi thing to do"
by zany co August 24, 2011
Mistaking the bowl for a microphone, and tells a story instead of taking their hit.
Take a hit already and stop bobbying it, no body cares , we've all heard the story at least three times.
by Nosaj 711 April 3, 2017
Usually easy going, smart,sweet,caring, and very understanding. Life of the party,lots of fun to be around.
We always have a good time hanging out with Bobbie.
by B.D.P February 4, 2010
Bobby is the best, most handsome person who you will ever meet. He is caring, loving and you will never meet anyone better than him.He is sporty and fast.
Have you met Bobby before? Well he is the best person ever!
by -_- yooo March 25, 2020
Bobbie is a girl with an amazing mind and an even better heart. Not only is she kind and sweet, but she's also beautiful. She's talented in more than one ways and is as close to perfect as it gets. I love her, just like everyone else does. She makes friends easily and is extremely loyal. She is my best friend, and I'm in love with her.

*lesbian for Bobbie*
DAAYYYUUUMMM. Did you just see that Bobbie? She's bangin'!!!
by Bobbie's Barbie May 29, 2011