These people are the ones considered vertically challenged. They have many uses. They can be advantageous in certain sports, and can also be used as armrests.

Short people are normally under 5'5, it can vary due to regional height averages. These people are not to be confused with midgets, as they are much much shorter.
Wow, there are so many short people around me! Do you think they'll mind it if i use them as an armrest?
by Adroit957 May 07, 2011
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People you shouldn’t mess while they are getting a growth spurt.
Yo you with them short people
Bet wait a few months we see who short
by That Arab December 29, 2018
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Short people are very fiesty. They will not hesitate to kill you if you call them short.

Take it from someone who’s short, trust me, you don’t want to mess with these cute but dangerous people.
Person: Wow she’s short
Short People: 😊🔪
Short People: :)
by ~UpsetSpaghettio March 31, 2021
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Certain people who's main attack is to jump up and bight your ankles. I'm not talking about slightly short or on the little side, I mean fucking SHORT people.

Short people generally have big hair and big personalities, to make up for their lack of height.
Tall people: I'm average and dull.
Short people: I'm smart and spunky to make for my lack of a lower body. It's weird 'cause my torso's pretty normal.
by The Magnificent Mango November 03, 2011
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October 19 is the day you get to pick on people who are smaller than you. Even if they are older than you or younger than you. DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES!
Tall person 1: Hey where is (short persons name)?
Tall person 2: I don't know....I saw her/him run to his/her room this morning....
Tall person 1: You know that today is October 19 right?
Tall person 2: yeah?
Tall person 1: Today is Short people day
Tall person 2: ..... I'll get the duck tape.
Tall person 1: ..... I'll go ahead and break the door.....
by I_AM_ GROOT44-49 November 01, 2019
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