fiesty is when a male or female is aggressive, always have smart remarks and is easy to get mad and have no problem putting whom ever in their place!
''Damn your girl friend is soooo fiesty! i have to watch what i say to her!''
by jonnakera November 6, 2013
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An inexplicable and particularly irrational character trait that leads sufferers to introduce anti-cycling infrastructure that ironically disrupts those it serves to protect more than those it seeks to stop.

The phrase was coined in 2017 by Conservative Councillor Melanie Hampton, who displays Trump-like ignorance when confronted with basic facts.
I'm feeling a bit fiesty today, I'll just drop some trees on that bike path.

I haven't had a good fiest in a long time, I think I'll go and drop some tacks in the road.
by george2282 April 10, 2017
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This is the term for the craziest bitch you have ever met. She is sexy, short, and stubborn, and if you piss her off she will come and get you and you won't even see it coming.
Did you hear what that girl did?

No but Fiesty Fucker is going to get her shortly.
by #1RUSSIAN October 23, 2008
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(noun) Plus size women down to seduce Kenneth West, Moe's Burrito Artist.

(adjective) Oversized women willing to pursue sexual intercousre with gingers.

(verb) To Fiesty McNasty
That Ho is straight Fiesty McNasty.

That scallywag straight Fiesty McNastied him.
by Senior Gato February 17, 2008
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it is when u get on ur knees and suck the guy real good then u lick ur way up to his happy trail and shampoo it then u work ur way up further and kiss his nipples. then u go up more and u see his sexy face. then u start to lick his nose.then u start to finger his anus. then u are requierd to get down and let him shit in ur is important u swallow it all cause now he will tear ur vigina up like a cat on crack. that is fiesty :)
me and my friend having fiesty sex
by fartlover October 19, 2010
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When I girl takes hundreds of dicks all at one time.
Man we fiesty rancooned that girl last night! I think she died.
by rancoonedfiesty October 4, 2013
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Bob : “ that girl over there is very fiesty
Bob 2 : “ Yh she’s a right alisha
by Bigman Boris July 5, 2021
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