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fiesty is when a male or female is aggressive, always have smart remarks and is easy to get mad and have no problem putting whom ever in their place!
''Damn your girl friend is soooo fiesty! i have to watch what i say to her!''
by jonnakera November 06, 2013
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An inexplicable and particularly irrational character trait that leads sufferers to introduce anti-cycling infrastructure that ironically disrupts those it serves to protect more than those it seeks to stop.

The phrase was coined in 2017 by Conservative Councillor Melanie Hampton, who displays Trump-like ignorance when confronted with basic facts.
I'm feeling a bit fiesty today, I'll just drop some trees on that bike path.

I haven't had a good fiest in a long time, I think I'll go and drop some tacks in the road.
by george2282 April 10, 2017
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