A restaurant you order a meal at solely to get the cheddar biscuits.
-------Boondocks Reference-------
Riley: Grandad don't take that ho to Red Lobster
Riley: Wit da chedda biscuitz, no grandad!

Guy: Ummh, this biscuits are so good
Girl: I know, the orgasm they give me surpass anything you have
by hdevonxz July 20, 2006
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When a man penetrates a menstraiting woman, then pulls out and slaps her in the chest and orgasming at the same time, thus leaving a red "lobster" shape and a buttery finish
"Jane is super freaky, she asked my dad to give her a red lobster"
by Kyle Tarrant August 10, 2007
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A special form of fellatio in which the giver uses lots of teeth, and then finishes the recipient off by giving his cock an indian sunburn.
Lobsterfest was alot more fun at the other Red Lobster
by lobsterfiend October 6, 2008
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a sexual act wherein a man fists a menstruating woman and pinches her cervix
"After I removed Jane's tampon with my teeth, she writhed in ecstasy as I gave her a red lobster"
by MJO/BEL September 29, 2006
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To throw a used tampon at someone as an act of defiance.
OMG Suzie she just totally red lobstered you, you skank.
by Jsr95 March 19, 2018
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When a man with a bifid penis has sex with a girl on her period making his dual penis appear like the claw of a lobster this is known as the red lobster.
Is that a red lobster? No that's Steve's bifid penis. He just banged that chick that's on the tag.
by ChimneyBandit January 6, 2020
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Red Lobster (noun) - Tape a girl's hands up around her thumb and fingers so they are like claws. Then repeatedly make her angry with insults while smacking her lightly around the cheeks with your penis until she gets good and red. Then as you about to ejaculate, stand over her and draw some butter from your member.
Yo man, my bitch wouldn't shut the fuck up last night about watching "Say Yes to The Dress", so I tied her up and gave her a Red Lobster.
by Jack N Jit June 25, 2017
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