To give someone a good kicking
That mma fighter took a good shoeing but still got a good win
by Hottub1974 October 20, 2018
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To violently beat another - literally a shoe In.Also see hiding.
Lamp him give the bastad a shoeing
by El Cholo May 9, 2004
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In Rugby, to rake an opponant with your studs to move him out out of the way as he is in an illegal position. Some players take this a little too far and will stamp on players causing damage.
Back was given a good shoeing for being on the wrong side of the ruck
by Son of Ronin June 20, 2004
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the act of pelting someone with one's footware (shoe)
shoeing became popular after that famous Iraqi reporter tried to pelt George W. Bush with his shoe
by extreme133 March 24, 2011
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term used to describe prison in which you are totally isolated.
"Mike's in the shoe"
by rosalie July 3, 2004
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Houses for your feet.
Hey, where do your feet live?

In my shoes, what, you been chiefing?
by Kalljuian March 12, 2005
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